Men’s Leadership Club & Socials Cancelled (March)

Men's Leadership Club and Columbia's "Foods of the Bible" Social has been cancelled.

In-Home Bible Studies Cancelled

In-Home Bible Studies for March have been cancelled.

March 28th - Columbia “Foods of the Bible” Social

Mark your calendars! On March 28, after services, the Columbia congregation will be having a "Foods of the Bible" social. The social itself will be a different kind of social, as it will not be a potluck. We will be signing up for a themed table that you would like to sit at. Everyone is invited to wear a modest costume of their favorite Biblical charachter. We hope all will be able to participate and attend.

March 14th - One-Time Change in Location-Columiba

Sabbath of March 14, the Columbia congregation will meet at a different location. Service time will remain the same, 3 pm. We cannot use our regular meeting hall due to an event. Please contact the pastor for more information.

Sabbath Bible Studies & Potlucks (March)

Florence - March 7th  (no potluck)

Augusta - March 21st

Columbia - March 28th

Unless otherwise noted, services will consist of regular services, then a potluck meal, followed by a Bible study

Men’s Leadership Club - March

The next Men's Leadership Club is Saturday night, March 28. March's meeting will be a part of the "Foods of the Bible" socail. As part of the social, we are asking that everyone who considers themselves part of the Leadersip Club to have a 3 to 5 minute presentation prepared and ready to give that night.

The meeting is held at the same place as previously. Please refer to the monthly bulletin for the location or consult the pastor.

In-Home Bible Studies - March

Myrtle Beach - Thursday, March 19, 6:00 PM

Columbia - Wednesday, March 25, 7:00 PM

Augusta - Thursday, March 28, 7:00 PM

Please refer to the monthly bulletin on the info table for specific locations or you may contact the pastor.

Sabbath February 22 - Augusta

Please note there will be a one-time change in the start of the service in Augusta Sabbath of February 22, 2020. Sabbath service will start at 1 PM. Augusta will resume at the regular time (11 AM) the following Sabbath February 29.

Leadership Club - February 15

The next club is Saturday night, February 15, at 5:30 PM. Everyone, please have a question ready for our topics session. We will also have 2 speeches.

The meeting will be a the same location as previously. Please refer to the February monthly bulletin available on the info table or consult your pastor for the lcoation.

Sabbath Bible Studies & Potlucks (February)

Augusta - February 1st

Florence - February 22nd

Columbia - February 29th

Services will consist of regular services, then a potluck meal, followed by a Bible study.