Sabbath of September 22nd - no services in Augusta

There will be no local Sabbath service in Augusta on Sabbath of September 22nd. Augusta will combine with Columbia at the Columbia church hall. Services are at 11 AM. Please take note this is a one-time change in start of service. The Florence congregation will meet at their regular hall at the usual time of 11 AM. For addresses to the church hall(s), please contact the pastor, Mr. Tom Schultz 770-912-9735.

Sabbath Bible Studies & Potlucks (October)

Augusta & Columbia - October 13 (combine at Columbia church hall)

Florence - October 20

Services will consist of regular services, then a potluck meal followed by a Bible study.

Men’s Leadership Club

Our final club meeting was June 10. Mr. Schultz would be glad to start the meetings up again after the Feast, providing there is still enough interest. For planning purposes, men interested in a year of club are to let Mr. Schultz know.

In-Home Bible studies

Due to a busy summer schedule (vacation & COGWA camp), in-home Bible studies will be postponed until after the Feast.

Sabbath Bible Studies & Potlucks

There will be no congregational Bible studies the next two months (July & August) due to vacation and COGWA summer camp.

Sabbath Bible studies - June

Due to unforeseen events that have come up for the month of June, our Sabbath Bible studies will now take place as a sermon. For this reason, there will be no need for potlucks this month.

Men’s Leadership Club

Our next Men's Leadership Club will be on Sunday, June 10.  This will be our last meeting before taking a break for the summer. Spouses are welcome to attend this final meeting of the year.  The time and location are the same as before.

In-Home Bible studies

Columbia - June 13, 7:00 PM

Augusta - Thursday, June 14, 7 PM

Florence/Myrtle Beach - Tuesday, June 19, 3 PM

Locations for in-home studies may be found in the June bulletin on the information table or you consult your pastor.

Sabbath Bible Studies & Potlucks (June)

Columbia - June 9th

Florence - June 16th

Augusta - June 23rd

Services will consist of regular services, then a potluck meal, followed by a Bible study.

Men’s Leadership Training Meeting

We will not have a Men's LTM in May.  Our next meeting is Sunday, June 10; June's meeting will be the final meeting until after summer.