May In-Home Bible Study

Our next in-home Bible study is Thursday, May 21 at 7 pm via local webcast. The study will continue with the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. You may access the in-home Bible study as you do for the weekly Sabbath services. For connection details or problems, contact the pastor. As a reminder, for those taking advantage of the phone hook-up, please mute your phone. Thank you.

April In-Home Bible Study

An in-home Bible study is planned for Thursday, April 23 at 7 pm via local webcast. Mr. Schultz will continue with the study of the Pillars of  Wisdom and the book of Proverbs.  You can access the in-home Bible study the same way you do for weekly Sabbath services. For connection details or difficulties, contact the pastor. For those utilizing the phone hook-up option, please remember to mute your phone. Thank you.

Men’s Leadership Club

Club meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

In-Home Bible Studies

In-home Bible studies have been deferred for the time being.

Sabbath Bible Studies & Potlucks

Sabbath Bible studies and potlucks have been postponed until further notice.

Men’s Leadership Club & Socials Cancelled (March)

Men's Leadership Club and Columbia's "Foods of the Bible" Social has been cancelled.

In-Home Bible Studies Cancelled

In-Home Bible Studies for March have been cancelled.

March 28th - Columbia “Foods of the Bible” Social

Mark your calendars! On March 28, after services, the Columbia congregation will be having a "Foods of the Bible" social. The social itself will be a different kind of social, as it will not be a potluck. We will be signing up for a themed table that you would like to sit at. Everyone is invited to wear a modest costume of their favorite Biblical charachter. We hope all will be able to participate and attend.

March 14th - One-Time Change in Location-Columiba

Sabbath of March 14, the Columbia congregation will meet at a different location. Service time will remain the same, 3 pm. We cannot use our regular meeting hall due to an event. Please contact the pastor for more information.

Sabbath Bible Studies & Potlucks (March)

Florence - March 7th  (no potluck)

Augusta - March 21st

Columbia - March 28th

Unless otherwise noted, services will consist of regular services, then a potluck meal, followed by a Bible study