Change of Meeting Time in Florence effective October 28th

Florence will have a change of service time from 10:30 am to 11:00 am effective October 28th.  Sabbath service will start at 11:00 am beginning October 28 and every Sabbath thereafter. The change of service time is due to our recent move from our Blue Cap Road location to a new meeting hall - Econo Lodge Motel, 1920 W Lucas St., Florence, SC.   Directions to the new meeting hall may be found by selecting the Florence tab on this website and then, click on the map link. Should you have question, please contact the pastor.

Florence Hall Change - October 21, 2017

Change of meeting hall in Florence effective Sabbath, October 21, 2017

The Florence congregation will be moving from their Blue Cap Road location.  Going forward, the new meeting hall will be in the Econo Lodge Motel at 1920 W Lucas Street in Florence, SC.  Services are at 10:30 am. Should you have questions, please contact the pastor.

Sabbath of October 21st

October 21st is a special Sabbath for the Blessing of Little Children.  That Sabbath is a good time to bring any photos or memorabilia from the Feast site you attend.

Augusta & Columbia will combine at the LCC at 3 pm.  There will be a potluck following services.

Florence will meet at the regular time and place.

Sabbath of October 14th

The first Sabbath after the Feast, services will be held in all 3 congregations at the regular time and place.

Sabbath Bible Studies and Potlucks

None for October.

Men’s Leadership Training Meeting - September

We will not have a Men's Leadership meeting this month. Meetings will resume after the Feast.

Sabbath Bible Studies and Potlucks

Augusta - September 9th

Columbia - September 16th

Florence - September 23rd

Services will consist of regular services, then a potluck meal, followed by a Bible study.

In-Home Bible Studies

Due to the fall Feasts, there will be no Sabbath Bible studies in the months of September and October.

Guest speaker, August 26 at LCC - Aug & Col

Augusta & Columbia will combine at LCC Sabbath of August 26 at 3 pm.  We will have a guest speaker, an elder serving in NC; he will give the sermon featuring his recent trip to Africa. Please plan on a potluck dinner following services.

Men’s Leadership Training Meeting

August's LTM is Sunday, August 20 at the same time and place. Please consult the August bulletin for further information or call the pastor.